After more than a decade of depression, anxiety & discontent, I finally chose happy. Here's where you can read about my journey, and all the stuff I've learned along the way.

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Christmas movies ranked: my definitive list.

Christmas movies are kind of my thing. Actually, CHRISTMAS is kind of my thing. I’m like Clark Griswold (minus the crazy) meets Buddy the Elf meets Scrooge’s nephew Fred. Holy crap do I love Christmas. So, unsurprisingly, I spend the entire two months leading up to the big day listening to Christmas tunes, putting up Christmas decorations and watching Christmas movies. Because of this unfailing annual dedication, I consider myself the Roger Ebert of Christmas flicks. With that being said, I think you can count on my definitive ranking of Christmas movies to be the best one ever compiled. EVER. If […]

“A happy person is not a person in a

Finding happiness in [really] hard times.

I’m broke. So broke, I don’t know how I’m going to pay my car payment this month. Or my health insurance. Or, in a couple weeks, my rent. I’m at that charming level of destitution where I’m checking ebay to see if my possessions are worth anything (they aren’t). It hurts to write that almost as much as it hurts to say it. But I believe in honesty and authenticity and earnestness. Only by tearing down our walls and showing other people our weak spots can we help them heal theirs. I believe we find strength and courage in knowing that other […]


50 reasons why being vegan makes me happy.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that tends to engender a lot of misunderstandings. Plenty of people think it involves way more deprivation, sacrifice and, well, lettuce, than it actually does. The truth is, making the decision to go vegan is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s been nearly a year, and I’ve never felt better. Veganism has been easier, more delicious and way more fun than I ever imagined possible. Yes, I get enough protein, and no, I don’t survive on celery and tofu. With that being said (and in the hopes of squashing some misconceptions), here are 101 reasons why […]

“To know even one life has breathed

How giving back makes you happier.

I get asked a lot of questions about happiness, and people pretty frequently quiz me about the motivation and impetus behind its pursuit. Lots of folks see happiness as a flighty and self-centered quest, as though seeking happiness were all about hedonism and personal satisfaction. But that’s not what happiness is all about. Happiness has a larger purpose. Happiness is good for the world. Here’s why: Happy people are more generous. They’re kinder and more involved with their community. Happy people have a positive effect on their immediate environment. Basically, they have a ripple effect on the people and places and organizations […]


Here are some of the things that make Miamians happy.

As of tomorrow, The Happy Wall will have been up for a week. The experience has been exhausting and awesome, all in one. My favorite part? Watching people interact with the wall. They stop, smile and sneak up. They walk around the wall, reading what other people have written. Then, they gingerly pick up a piece of chalk and pen their own tribute. It’s like they’re unwrapping an unexpected present, and it’s a joy to witness. In honor of the one week anniversary of the wall’s installation, here are some of the things that make the people of Miami (and visitors) […]

Happiness is a skill. it requires effort

Tools to help you get happier.

Happiness, like anything worth having, takes effort. Mainly, it’s an effort to unlearn all the garbage we’ve been taught since childhood — the false beliefs, the lies about who we’re “supposed to be”, the insecurities, etc. To really be happy, all that phony nonsense has to go the way of the Dodo bird. We have to shed our costumes and facades and remember who we really are. But it’s not easy to do all this on your own. Trust me, I know. During this challenging process, every little bit of support helps. It can come in the guise of loving friends and […]

-I wish I had a river, I could skate

5 ways to protect yourself against seasonal affective disorder.

Winter is here. Which for many people means the doldrums, the blahs, the gray sky-induced depression is kicking in. Winter (plus the holidays) can lead to a major mood sink in the form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s a real thing that affects a lot of folks. But just because SAD usually gets you down doesn’t mean you have to fall prey to it this year. There are ways to help protect yourself against seasonal affective disorder,so you can feel a little happier as winter makes its way into your life: snow, cold, icicles and all. Or in Miami, lower humidity […]


Happify can help you get happier, and you can win a subscription.

I write a lot about how to get happier.  Hell, helping people get happier is my mission in life, so clearly I spend a lot of time thinking about, writing on and doing stuff that relates to greater happiness and well-being — for myself, and for others! That’s why they call me Happy Hannah. LOL. #dork My latest project, The Happy Wall, launched this past Saturday. The project has been all-consuming (but amazing!). Basically, it’s been my life for the last few months … as anyone who’s ever thrown their heart and soul into something can certainly understand. It was fantastic watching […]

It is not happy people who are

Here’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Even more than I love the stuffing and Tofurky part of Thanksgiving, I love the thanks-giving part of Thanksgiving. I love the waterfall of gratitude, the warm fuzzies of appreciation, the oxytocin-inducing bonding sesh with family and friends. I FREAKING LOVE IT. So I’m pretty stoked that this super-spectacular holiday has rolled around again. This year, my mom and I are joining one of my very best friends and her hubs in a Thanksgiving feast extraordinaire, complete with vegan mashed potatoes, cranberry orange sauce and a so-soft-you-could-sleep-on-it pumpkin cake (topped with a turkey made of frosting, ‘cuz I’m all about turkey […]

Wherever you go, no matter what the

6 practices that will help make you happier.

Last night, to introduce The Happy Wall (opening this weekend!) and kick off the holiday season, I gave a little talk about Finding Happiness. It was, well, happy! At least, it made ME happy. I hope it had the same effect on my super-awesome audience. In the talk, I went over six of the key habits that helped me get happier, and the science behind them. These are some of the most powerful ways we can change the way we feel. And trust me, this stuff WERKS. To recap for everyone who’s interested, here they are: six practices that will help make you happier: 1. Exercise, […]